I have seen the future of the spear pair "Chirode + Mora"

I have seen the future of the spear pair "Chirode + Mora"

Сообщение tom » 13 мар 2018, 09:08

Antonio Conte, the trainer of the tag team of the "Leo High" Chelsea hinted that the future may be adjusted to two strikers by Olivier. Giroud shoots deer, Deer, and albatross. Matarada pioneered the play together.

The two have not been together as soon as Giroud is substituted and Mora comes down to play in the West Brom. Monday night.

That was Mora's first game in a month, and Conte considered using two strikers, though that might mean a change in play plans.

When asked if he thought of using two strikers to play together? Contest responds, "I think in the future, yes it could happen."

"If we decide to play with three midfielders, but during the game it may happen. But now I think it's too soon to answer that question. "

"Do not forget that we were playing in the system from last season and in the case where I used two strikers, it meant that the Azar, Pedro and the Willemans would have gone."

The importance of having the option to use Conte said: "Yes, of course it is important now to have all the players available."

"Having two strikers, Mora and Giroud, having two options is very important to us. Do not forget that many times we tried to play with a striker! "188bet
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