Conte describe Mourinho as a ‘little man’

Conte describe Mourinho as a ‘little man’

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Chelsea’s manager Antonio Conte continued his harsh comments on Manchester United’s coach Jose Mourinho. After both managers’ feud in the past days, Conte spoke, after the Norwich City’s game in the FA Cup, to the press describing the Portuguese manager as a “little man”.

Mourinho attacked Conte, saying, “The only thing I want to say to end the story is: yes, I madeทางเข้า sbomistakes in the past on the touchline. Yes, I will make less, but I think I will still make a few.” "What never happened to me – and will never happen – is to be suspended for match-fixing. That never happened to me and will never happen," Mourinho said, according to BBC Sport.

Conte, of course, did not stop his comments and responded to Mourinho. “I think before you make this type of comment, before you hurt another person, you must pay great attention,” Conte said of Mourinho, according to the Telegraph English newspaper.

“You show you are a little man. A littleทางเข้า sboman. You do not know very well [what] is the situation. But I know him very well in the past. In the past, he was a little man in many circumstances, is a little man in the present and, for sure, he will be a little man in the future,” Conte added.

“Also, if he wants to try to change his behaviours… but the person’s this, Mourinho’s this. You know him very well. The level is very low. I repeat: I think before you speak, you have to know very well what happened,” Conte said after the match his team drew against Norwich (0 -0) in the FA Cup.ทางเข้า sbo
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