Pigeon' flashed back, 'Keno' the poignant mobile after their

Pigeon' flashed back, 'Keno' the poignant mobile after their

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Gerard Pique back in the days with Manchester. United need to find the moment, Keane Keane, because his mobile shakes in the dressing room.

Pigeon moved to Manchester. United is still a youth. In the dressing room, feeling like a little boy in front of his older brother and a handful

Keene himself was angry at the Piqué. When he was a consultant, Ipswich had been upset in this way as well.

"One of the early memories at Old Trafford we were in the dressing room was getting ready and I was really nervous," said Pigeon.

The Players' Tribune

"Imagine, I'm 18 and sitting in a small dressing room next to Rutanan, Neil Roy, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand. I really want to be invisible. Do not act and do not stand out. '"

"We are waiting for the boss (Sir Alex Ferguson) to come talk to us. I was sitting next to Roy Keane in the dressing room, it was very small, we almost collided. No space at all "

"In the room quietly Suddenly, you hear a small shake, making a glimpse of the room. "

"I realized immediately that it was Tumi's cell phone. Keep the clothes bag hanging behind the head of the "

"I do not see where the sound comes from. Then he ran across the room like crazy. "sbobet
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