Five reasons why Barcelona have stalled

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Five reasons why Barcelona have stalled

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Barcelona have seen their lead at the top of LaLiga reduced by four points to seven over Atletico Madrid following back-to-back draws and there are some clear reasons for why they have stalled.The Catalan side still have a significant advantage but they cannot afford to relax ahead of some important upcoming games.A packed calendarThis is the main reason as has been explained by Ernesto Valverde and Sergio Busquets with 12 games played in six weeks.Messi and SuarezBarcelona's attacking play is based around the pic5678 South American pair but neither has scored in the last two games and it is the first time this season.Paulinho and other scorersThe Brazilian option has worked well for Valverde but not of late. Paulinho is the third highest scorer but has now gone eight games without scoring.Second halfDuring this season the team has won their games generally in the second half of games where they have gradually worn down the opposition but this has not happened recently. Against Espanyol the most pic5678 that they could do was get a late equaliser through Pique.New signings needing to find their feetCoutinho and Dembele still are not up to speed. While the former did score against Valencia his overall performance still needs to improve while Dembele has a long way to go. pic5678
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