The wolf is aiming for a 'golden star' to replace 'Alisha'

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The wolf is aiming for a 'golden star' to replace 'Alisha'

Сообщение tom » 03 апр 2018, 10:26


French tabloid bullshit news Roma are starting to look for a good replacement for Alessandro, who is reported to have moved to Liverpool this summer.

"Reds" has been reported to him in the past year, Samba, but he is expected to cost about 70 million pounds.

The report said that the "Wolf of Rome" opened the opportunity to sell Alissi out of the club and prepare a plan to go away with watching Alban. Le Pont de Rousseau of Toulouse

Le Pont Saint, 19, a small French national team is one of the most watched star in Europe, and he would not deny the opportunity to move to the post in Serie A.

And if that is true, then maybe Alessia has a chance to move to the Premier League, but Roma must reduce his price down to less than 70 million pounds.

Liverpool's performance this summer will depend on the performance of Loris. Karius, who held the position at this time.

If German Dan also can maintain standards like many shots ago, the team from Anfield may turn to other positions than find a new door. สมัคร แทง บอล
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