The legendary Swan pointed out 'Salah' shot a lot, but also

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The legendary Swan pointed out 'Salah' shot a lot, but also

Сообщение tom » 04 апр 2018, 08:54

Steve Nicole, a former Liverpool midfielder, insists Mohamed Saidah's break in the door is not comparable to Luis Suarez, who has created a buzz in the past. Anfield

Even the wings of the Egyptian national team is too hot for a move to play in Anfield only the first season, but scored 36 goals in total, which is a good record overtake Suarez 31 goals. Nicole recounts the work of the Uruguayan spearhead.

"Of course, if you look at only a few numbers, then it is. How do you do Mohamed Saeed than Luis Suarez undoubtedly. "Former defender Scottish national team analysis through the news agency ESPN FC.

"But if you want me to choose who is the team then. Of course, I want to have Luis Suarez because Suarez proved for many seasons when playing for Liverpool against Barcelona.

"Said He has just made an incredible this season. So we have to wait long. We do not know whether next year he will be the same or not. "sbobet 789
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