"Cone" to get the right to hit Bournemouth home.

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"Cone" to get the right to hit Bournemouth home.

Сообщение tom » 14 фев 2018, 09:51

Antonio Conte admits Chelsea should be sidelined at AFC Bournemouth in the Premier League. Last Wednesday night

Midfielder Stamford Bridge's "Sing the Blues" opener lost the home to a 3-0 demolition after the visiting team got three goals in halftime after Calum Wilson, Jr. Nisa and Nathan

The defeat of the game made them drop to the 4th position of the table and sent Liverpool up to 3 puzzles because the door was better.

While Bournemouth did not win the game away from slashing Newcastle 1-0 on November 4, three points moved up to 10th of the table.

"I think they deserve to win this game," Conte told reporters after the game. "Today we try to make something, but it is very difficult. Even in the first half, the score was 0-0. I was very upset. "

"For many reasons. But it does not matter to be used as an excuse. They deserve to win and we need to start working on a new one. "

"We have to admit that it was a bad result and we have to understand that this season we have to fight very hard. If anyone does not understand this, they do not understand football. Football is not easy, "he said.188bet
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