I do not know what to do.

Обсуждение проблем, требующих немедленного участия жильцов

I do not know what to do.

Сообщение tom » 30 мар 2018, 10:51

Gennaro Guttino, AC Milan manager, said that at this time it was not the right time to talk about his new contract with the agency.

The 40-year-old's "red devil" came to work from Vincent Monterey, which was bounced at the beginning of the season. And now the team is doing a good job in the sixth to try to win a ticket to play in the UEFA Champions League next season.

Kututu's contract dragged on until the end of this season. But he does not worry about his future. The focus of the team.

"My contract is? It's not the right time to talk about this.

"We are in the primeval hunting period. We need to focus on hard work.

"I had to keep the job that started three months ago. And convince the players that we have a strong team. "

Guttuo is also being questioned by reporters for Danny Welbeck's loss in the Europa League game on Thursday night. Many see that as a major turning point for AC. Milan must be eliminated.

"I've played football in the UK and I know how they think about football. Will Beck's penalty? Everyone wants to win. It's not his fault. But the guy who blows is the point.sbobet 789
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